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Comune di Savona

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Carte di Laura


Priamar / Agenzia viaggi

Svapoteca / Sigarette elettroniche

Echoes Hair / Parrucchiere

Feltrinelli Point

Fortezza del Priamar

Piazza Chabrol

Via Pia

Corso Italia

RADIO TALENTS engineers do the radio, let’s Well !

RADIO TALENTS engineers do the radio, let’s Well !

"It never ceases to communicate, even with the silences". At the Music Lab in Savona , Via Key internal R 20 , in a fully equipped facility and technically advanced, organized by Resources & Projects Enhancement , we propose a first professional approach to a...

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#lamialiguria: the new promotional spot

#lamialiguria: the new promotional spot

Preview the advertisement that starting tomorrow, Saturday, July 30, you can see on television, to promote the Ligurian land. Tag your holiday pics on facebook, twitter, instagram or google+ with the #lamialiguria and become...

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